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Ben Thompson for President- 2008

Declaration of Independence
Bill of Rights
Pro-Freedom of Worship
Pro-Small Government


1.  Christian Foundation-  We believe that Jesus Christ is the God of our land; that we are fundamentally a Christian nation; and that only by faith in and obedience to God will we preserve this great nation.

2.  Family-  We believe the family is the moral foundation of our society; that traditional family values are the strength of our nation; and that Christian morality is the key to strong homes in America.

3.  Patriotism-  We believe that patriotism, civic duty, morality and good character are essential to personal liberty and responsibility in America.

4.  God-given Rights-  We believe that God has endowed men with certain unalienable rights, such as life, liberty and property; that these rights are guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; and that it is the sole function of government to protect these rights.

5.  Education-  We believe that Christian principles originally were the foundation of our educational system; and that they should again be made the center of American education.

6.  Economy-  We believe that "free enterprise" is the best economic system for America; that taxation should be limited to those methods provided for in the original Constitution; and that our nation must return to a debt-free money system in accordance with the Constitution.

7. Society-    We believe that government has no Constitutional authority to convert to socialism; that state and local governments have the right and moral obligation to discourage drug and alcohol use and gambling in their jurisdictions; and that the safety of law-abiding citizens must take precedence over the rights of criminals.

8.  U.S. Constitution-  We believe that the Constitution of the United States of America was prepared and adopted by men under inspiration from Almighty God; that it is a solemn compact created by the people of the states of this nation; and that it was made only for a moral and religious people. We believe that, in principle and intent, the Bill of Rights is part of the original Constitution.

9.  Government-  We believe that the sole function of government is to protect life, liberty and property; that the federal government is an agent of the states and the people; and that each state is sovereign in performing those functions reserved to it by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

10.  National Defense-  We believe that a strong defense establishment is essential to the preservation of our nation; that America must not commit its military nor firepower to any international organization; and that no foreign military bases should be allowed on American soil.

11.  U.S. Sovereignty-  We believe that a sovereign United States is necessary to maintain our freedom and way of life; that we must withdraw from all international agreements that diminish our independence; and that we must resist all efforts to draw us into the new world order.

12.  Natural Resources-  We believe protection of the environment should be a local and state responsibility, not federal; that there must be a dynamic balance between energy development and conservation; and that there are safe and inexpensive alternative energy sources that should be developed. We believe that ANWAR should be open for energy exploration.

We claim that our Christian foundation, the traditional family values, patriotism, and our God-given, unalienable rights are under attack; that our educational, economic and social institutions, and use of natural resources, have been perverted by those who would destroy our way of life; and that our Constitution, republican form of government, national security, and national sovereignty are hanging by a thread.

We declare that Ben Thompson is the only candidate for president who embraces the principles necessary for the restoration of our traditional way of life. We, therefore, present this Statement of Beliefs as a guideline to our beliefs and strategies for preserving our nation and our freedom, for ourselves and for our posterity.