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Ben Thompson for President- 2008

Declaration of Independence
Bill of Rights
Pro-Freedom of Worship
Pro-Small Government



Traditional families, basic education, community involvement, Judeo-Chrisitian values- are they becoming passe' in modern society?
Many of today's liberal media want us to believe that the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule and the Beatitudes are old fashion. Well, old they are, but, with most Americans they are still in fashion.
Why? For the past 3500 years, in one form or another, they have proven themselves. According to our Founding Fathers these biblical truths are the very foundation of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and American law.
Why, then, do so many in the media, government leaders, establishment politicians, and even many in the clergy continue to undermine these tried and true principles?
In part, it is because they are out of touch with real Americans. It is also due to their personal lack of moral and spiritual foundations. They espouse and spread their misperceptions based on pseudo-intellectual, biased, and misleading information and many uninformed, naive Americans believe these "politically correct" spins.
WE the PEOPLE are not without blame in this unfortunate scenario. It is our responsibility to search out the truth and distinguish it from falsehood. How can this be done in this age of soundbites and news blitzes?
As our Founding Fathers were struggling, without success, to create the Constitution, Ben Franklin admonished, "...If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without God's notice it is likely that a nation cannot rise without His aid..." From that day forward that solemn assembly of humbled men started each session with a prayer, imploring God's inspiration and foresight and, thereby, were successful in formulating the God-inspired Consitution.
Should we not apply this same method to discovering truth for ourselves? The scriptures affirm that we should (James 1:5; John 16:13; John 8:32).
Our 2nd President, John Adams, stated that the Constitution is for a righteous people only. A vocal minority, in this country, is trying to convince us that we have certain "rights" and "entitlements" without responsibility. Is this righteousness? Hardly!
This same group of elitists also believes and acts as if government and various other groups of bureaucrats know more about what's good for us than WE the PEOPLE do. The result is massive pork barrel spending; lengthy, complicated laws, that lawyers pretend they understand, and a maze of red tape, regulations, and mandates that boggle the mind.
For the 105th Congress the House of Representatives, led by true conservatives, adopted a new rule:
"Each report of a committee on a bill or joint resolution... shall include a statement citing the specific powers granted to the Congress in the Constitution to enact the law proposed..."
The intentions were good, but, unfortunately, only a minority of those who passed that rule have the courage to vote for its enforcement when it comes time to vote on legislation.
It is our individual and collective responsibility to find the truth, support only laws that have their basis in the Constitution, and act according those principles taught in the Holy Scriptures.